Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs – Getting Rid of Bedbugs

Many think bed bugs are a problem of the past. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a widespread resurgence of bed bugs in the United States and abroad. The ease of travel and increase in international travel, especially from countries that have heavy bed bug infestations, are the main reasons for their return. Humans unknowingly spread bed bugs with their movements and by transporting infested bedding, furniture and other materials from one place to another.

How to get rid of bed bugs is a task best left to a professional bed bug exterminator. Approved, professional grade bed bug treatment chemicals must be used to completely exterminate bed bugs. Bed bug extermination should be conducted by a licensed technician who is experienced and trained in the usage and application of bed bug treatment substances. Trying to kill bed bugs on your own is a huge undertaking. Using store brand insecticides can pose serious health risks both during and after attempts to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are very resistant to traditional home insecticide bed bug treatments. For example, baiting systems are not effective, since bed bugs only drink blood and they do not feed on bait. How to get rid of them? Spraying an infested mattress as a bed bug treatment is dangerous to anyone sleeping on it, and simply discarding the mattress where most bed bugs hide does not eliminate others nearby. Bed bugs stay hidden near the area where the host sleeps and reproduce quickly. In addition to the mattress, they take refuge in the box spring, carpets, drapes, furniture and behind pictures and wall hangings. The entire home, particularly other bedrooms, may be infested, since occupants continually move from room to room.

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