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Bee Exterminator – Wasp Extermination

Depending on where you live, you probably have come into contact with insects that can sting at one time or another. The farther south you go, of course, the more varieties there are of stinging insects. Stinging insects include bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.

While the sting itself from these insects is not all that painful, a serious problem can arise if you have an allergic reaction to the sting. For that reason, bees and wasps can prove to be a dangerous pest and should be handled by a bee exterminator or wasp exterminator.

Many bees and wasps will rarely bother people, unless you bother them, or their nest, first. Other ones, it seems, love to bother people without being provoked. Hornets, and sometimes wasps, are actually known to have a temper. This particular class of insects, called Hymenoptera, has venom in their sting which, unless treated very quickly, can result in death in some people in less than an hour. Also, some stinging insects can sting multiple times, making their sting that much worse. Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets do not leave their stinger behind in your skin, but the bumblebee does.

Yellowjackets are thin with black and yellow markings. They make their nests in the ground or inside logs that are near to the ground. They will sometimes build their nests inside of the walls of houses, too, and these can become quite large. Yellow jacket nests are made of a paper maché-like material and because they are often at ground level, it is rather easy to disturb their nest, even accidentally.

Wasps have slender bodies and look similar to yellow jackets. They can have black, brown or red bodies that have yellow markings. Their nests are also paper maché-like, are circular, and usually hang down from eaves, or piles of wood.

Hornets are larger than wasps and have brown or black bodies with markings that are white, orange or yellow. Their nests are also paper mache-like and are usually oval-shaped (similar to a football) and are usually high up in trees or bushes. Hornets are easily angered and may attack with little or no instigation.

Bumblebees are heavy-duty versions of bees. They have a loud buzz and large body, but will generally not sting unless they feel threatened. Bumblebees can only sting once and will die after doing so.

Generally, bees and wasps are best left alone. They do keep other insects in check by eating them so, while you do not want wasp or hornet nests near your home, you can probably leave them alone in areas that are not heavily populated by humans. However, if you have loved ones who are allergic to bees and/or wasps, you should certainly contact an exterminator get help with bee extermination or wasp extermination today.

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